In Southern California, the main termite problem is drywood termites. These bad boys are mean! They make take time to propagate but once they have reached the thousands in number, you will find droppings everywhere and you are facing the risk of losing your roof as well!!

This is why the Mortgage Firms require all houses to be inspected before any sale happens. What then are your options?

1) Don’t wait till you are about to sell you home before you request for an inspection;

2) But if you are already in the process of selling, then there is no getting away with inspection, treatment and even perhaps fumigation. The inspector who provides the report will give you a recommendation and you can either hire him to do the work or get other quotes. But inspection is a must and when termites are present, treatment / fumigation.

Most often the solution is total house fumigation (otherwise called tenting), although sometimes only a local chemical treatment is needed. Also usually there is related termite damage. Homeowners selling MUST rid their home of termites either by treatment or fumigation and repair all damages for certification. All fungus damage must also be repaired to certify. You would not want to buy a house and later discover it is infested with termites would you? So the same goes true with your potential buyer,

Homeowners not selling their homes – can do whatever they want, including choosing to do nothing and facing the risks later (bad decision).

Just remember that in Southern California, termites get into roofing support members and cause roof leakages – which is another very expensive repair …

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